Alexander Technique in London, Wandsworth and Windsor

Ease stress and tension


Here you find solutions to care for your body

Do you feel heavy or stressed, with unwanted aches and pains?

Have you tried everything you can think of?

Do you want to feel different: lighter, taller, calmer and with a new easy freedom of movement?

Then the Alexander Technique is something you must try.

After 25 years of practicing it I am convinced it is the best way to learn how to radiate ease.

People come for a variety of reasons, such as:

  • Stress

    for a general feeling of lightness and well being; discover how to release the stress you hold in your body

  • Lower Back pain

    the Alexander Technique brings relief to lower back pain with proven clinical results

  • Neck, Shoulders & Repetitive Strain Injury RSI

    helps with chronic conditions such as RSI; discover how to free your neck and shoulders from tension

  • Voice and Breathing

    opens the airways so you can breathe naturally and free your voice

  • Posture and Balance

    move with freedom and grace; discover how to maintain your posture and keep you body in balance

  • Actors, Musicians, Dancers and Athletes

    for effortless performance, connect to your body's natural expression and movement

  • Pregnancy and Birth

    supports you physically and emotionally, helps you to look after your body during pregnancy and birth

With the Alexander Technique I have seen wonderful results over the years. You can find more details on the site, book an appointment or call me on 0770 321 9182.

Research shows that Alexander Technique helps reduce Lower Back Pain

A UK clinical trial measured the success of Alexander Technique lessons to reduce lower back pain. The participants were all chronic back pain sufferers who had their level of pain documented using the Roland Morris scale which measures the level of pain participants experience during everyday activities. Alexander Technique lessons were given to some participants and massage sessions or back care exercises given to others. Over six sessions Alexander Technique and massage both came out as equally effective. It’s true that massage helps to relax tense muscles in the short term. Yet over a longer period the Alexander Technique was shown to be more effective in reducing lower back pain. Typically pain was reduced on the Roland Morris pain scale from twenty-one days in a month to just three days a month! If you are suffering from back pain it's well worth trying an initial course of six Alexander Technique Lessons to see what a difference it can make.