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Alexander Technique Reduced My Back Pain - Part 1

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My story: The story of my lower, middle and upper back pain. Part 1.

I have always been passionate about wood.

So much so that in 1984 I set up as a furniture maker and in 1990 I had the good fortune to find a wonderful workshop in Kennington- an old stable yard- and thought that my future was mapped out, and the only twists and turns would be in the grain of the wood I worked.

However during my early 20’s I had a series of crises with my back (which were straightened out by an osteopath) . This lead to a search for a cure and a way to keep my back strong and able to carry out my physically demanding job.

I attended years of yoga classes, then later many tears of Tai Chi. I swam, had massages, cranial osteopathy, acupuncture and continued to suffer back pain..

I enjoyed the classes and the treatments very much, but I always remember, as I was walking home, thinking: “But what do I do now?” I experienced a hollow sense of not knowing something important, but I had no idea what it was.

Then one day I was talking to my neighbour from my balcony. After a while she said her neck hurt and could I come downstairs to continue the conversation. Then she told me of a profound experience she had had with an Alexander Technique teacher friend who had simply moved her head and arms and legs very gently, as if doing nothing very much, and she had felt the most enormous relief from her pains.

So I had a lesson and experienced my own immense relief from pain. As I walked home after the lesson I suddenly realised that the pain was completely gone and I knew, at last, what to do: Go back for another lesson and discover what this Alexander Technique was all about…


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Alexander Technique - My journey to reduce back pain